What Real Estate Investors Need to Know to Find Good Deals

Investing in real estate is not always easy when your in a sellers market. There are still some great deals out there that. When you are looking in today’s market you really need to look at how much rehab is needed to get the property your looking at ready to sale, rent, or owner carry. The other important factor is location, location, location.

As an investor you need to know the real estate market and how fast you can sale,rent or owner carry a home. For example we just picked up a light rehab home for a client that he wants as an income property. He has purchased before and likes up and coming areas. We found him a home that matches his income format and it will lease very quickly. This investor was ready to pull the trigger and that is why we got the home.

You also need to know that the agent you are buying it with can at least direct you to the services you need to do the work needed on your project. Any real estate agent can buy a property, but they also need to have the services available that you may need today or in the future. I have a client that needs a kitchen in their basement and I will be going over their this morning to look at it. I have contractors that can do that, but I want to see the area where the kitchen will go, so I can give them an idea on how much it might be.

Real Estate auction sites are not all the same and most real estate agents do not know them all. Lori is an expert on these sites and knows all the auction sites and details needed to place a bid. If you do not have the correct paperwork in you will not get the deal. There are also some extra cost on some sites that need  to be addressed before you place a bid. Other sites have minimums and may not go the first round, but need to be bid a second time around.

Real Estate investors need an agent that knows how to move fast, but get them a good property. Most wealth is created through Real Estate and having the best realtor representing you is crucial when your finding the right property.

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